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  • palarnia kawy Warszawa

    Welcome to place where knowledge, passion and quality meet in the coffee cup.

    kurs baristy Warszawapalarnia kawy Zielonka

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    We build Speciality coffee culture in Poland since 1998.

    sklep z kawą Zielonkakurs baristy Zielonka

kawa świeżo palona Zabki
Apro Trade® is a high quality freshly roasted coffee, lab analysis, barista courses, coffee events, machines and acessories for baristas and coffee lovers.

sklep z kawą
Coffee Roastery

We know that coffee has to be treated with love and without compromise. This is why we select green coffee beans only from high quality and trustworthy producers thanks to our 35 years’ experience in the business. We roast our coffee by traditional method in the drum roaster to insure exceptional aroma and taste. All process is done manually to make sure that every cup of coffee is simply perfect.

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kurs baristy Warszawa-Zielonka
palarnia kawy Warszawa-Zielonka

kurs baristy
Coffee Academy

Coffee has no secrets to us. In our Coffee Academy we conduct comprehensive tests and analyses for green and roasted coffee. We constantly enrich our knowledge and share it with anyone who wants to learn about coffee world. Professional coffee courses, certification, workshops, educational events and championships represent important part of our coffee culture mission.

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Coffee Events

We initiate and organise most prestigious coffee events in Poland since 2002

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kawa świeżo palona Warszawa-Zielonka
sklep z kawą Warszawa-Zielonka


We offer: freshly roasted coffee, machines, barista courses and analysis.

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Tom Caffe


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Apro-Trade Sp.zo.o.
ul. Narutowicza 37
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